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acumen is published three times a year (January, May and September), A5 perfect bound, with at least 120pp per issue.

Poems from Acumen 78 are on the 'Guest Poem' pages. Latest poem posted 08.04.14.  Specially chosen to commemorate the Rwandan genocide, April 1994

latest update:  17.03.2014

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Contents of ACUMEN 78, January 2014


Poems: Leah Fritz. Sebastian Barker, David H.W. Grubb, David Broadbridge, Annie Maclean,                     Rosie Jackson, Alison Chisholm, Yvonne Baker.

Holocaust & Reconciliation:   Interview with Thomas Ország-Land. 

Poems: Jim C. Wilson, John Arnold, Chris Waters, K.V. Skene, Wanda Barford, Antony Mair,                         Edmund Prestwich, David Perman, Maria Taylor*.

The Poetry of Poets: Geoffrey Godbert.

Poems: Denise Bennett, Jennifer Johnson, Stuart Pickford, Marion Hobday, Holly Ayling,
                John Tanner, June English, Philip Seal.

Miracles by Alain Fournier: Introduction and Trans. by Anthony Costello & Anita Marsh.

Poems: Pushkar Bisht, Williams Nkurunziza, Paul Carney, Peter Dale, John McKernan,
                Donna Pucciani, Harry Guest, Alan Galante, Mandy Haggith.


Poems: Ted Harriott, K.V. Skene, Bridget omasin, Joan S. Smith, Mandy Haggith,
                 William Oxley, Maggie Butt, 
Josh Ekroy, Kenneth Steven.

Fakery on an Epic Scale:  Roger Harvey.

Poems: Michael Swan, Simon Williams, Michael Jennings, Marion Hobday,
                Alison Chisholm, India Russell, 
Dorothy Pope, John Gohorry, Floyd Skloot,
O’Callaghan, Gill Learner.

Reviews:  M. Wynn Thomas, Nigel Jarrett, Belinda Cooke, Fred Beake, William Bedford,
                    Edmund Prestwich, 
Lucy Jeffery, Christopher J.P. Smith.

*  See above for correct version of the poem.

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