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acumen is published three times a year (January, May and September), A5 perfect bound, with at least 120pp per issue.  

The nest issue of the magazine is now well under way and proofs, acceptances, and (sadly) rejections have been posted out. Just one or two poems waiting to see how the pagination goes.

Details of the contents  of Acumen 80 are, as usual, available below. 
New poems from the issue posted 14.12.14.  
Hope preparations fo Christmas are going well for you all,
hethe it is shopping, wrapping, cooking or writing. 

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Contents of Acumen 80, September 2014


Poems: Louise Green, Neil Wenborn, Alison Brackenbury, maxine Linnell, Jacci Garside, Srinjay Chakravarti, Brian Gourley, Kathy Gee, Shanta Acharya, Andrew McDiarmid, Alan Galante, Jennifer McGowan, John Miles.

Interview − with Christopher North.

Poems:   Christopher North, Jonathan Steffen, Pat Borthwick, Stephen C. Middleton, Owen Gallagher, Nick Burbridge, Jilly Funnell, Jethro Dykes, Helen Ashley.

Penned – Anne Alexander.
Poems:    Jennie Osborne, Robert Harpur, Lotte Kramer, John Miles, Suzy Miles, Andrew Geary, Dorothy Waite, Fred Beake.
Poetry in Translation: Sulpicia (trans. Richard O'Connell), Mikhail Lermontov (trans. Stephen Capus), Jean-Arthur Rimbaud (trans. Julian Farmer).
Poems:    Simon Williams, Terry Quinn, Ann Gibson, Anton Rose.
Something of Louis MacNeice – Fred Beaks. 
Poems:   Mervyn Linford, Nicola Wafrwick, Clive Donovan, Anne Lawrence, Amarion McGauhy, Stuart Pickford, Bridgit Sivill.
Ostricism by Proxy – William Oxley. 
Poems:   William Bedford, David H.W. Grubb, Eileen Carney Hulme, India Russell, Ali Pardo, Michael Henry, Michael Jennings, Judi Benson, Mwerryn Williams.
Reviews: Nigel Jarrett, William Oxley, Lucy Jeffery, Edmund Prestwich, Belinda Cooke, C.J.P. Smith, Glyn Pursglove.
Poetry Comment 
Obituary for Gerard Benson.

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