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ACUMEN 83 is now out.  
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Poems from ACUMEN 83 posted 04.10.15.

For the many Acumen readers who remember with pleasure
the poetry of Sebastian Barker, I attended the memorial event
last Friday.  Wonderfully arranged evening which brought back
so many of Sebastian's poems and philosophy.
Thank you Hilary, he will live long in our memories.

Details of the contents  of Acumen 83 are available below. 


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Contents of Acumen 82, May 2015


Poems: Lynne Wycherley, Yuang Changming, Geoffrey Godbert, Doris Corti, D. Milne,
                Patrick Osada, Marion McGauhy, Paul Surman, A.D. Harvey, Michael Crowley,
                Gary Allen.

Interview − with Martyn Crucefix.

Poems:    Tom Vaughan, Dorothy Waite, Tim Cunningham, John  Arnold,
                 Dinah Livingstone, Arthur Broomfield.

Poetry ... What's That? – Stan Frith.
Poems:   Rik Wilkinson, John Godfrey, Danielle Hope, Nausheen Eusuf.
Poems: Shanta Acharya, Susan Taylor, Jeremy Page, Helen Ashley, Anne Heinnung,
                Jessica Lawrence, Ted Harriott, Mark Totterdell, Jennie Osborne.
The Birthday Party – William Oxley.
Poems:   Sean Street, Nikki Robson, Vivian Jones, Michael Jennings, Emerald Hickey,
                Ann Gibson.
Ron Hansford:  Countryman Poet  Sebastian Hayes.
Poems:   J.P. Ward, David O’Hanlon, Norbert Hirschhorn, Michael Henry, Lotte Kramer,
                Fred Johnston.

Reviews:  William Oxley, Edmund Prestwich, Fred Beake, Glyn Pursglove.

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