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Poems from ACUMEN 82 posted 23.08.15.
a selection of shorter poems.

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Details of the contents  of Acumen 82 are available below. 

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Contents of Acumen 82, May 2015


Poems: Lynne Hjelmgaard, Jane Clarke, Rosie Jackson, Caroline Natzler, Ann Piling,
                Alan Galante.

Interview − with Lynne Wycherley.

Poems:    Denise Bennett, Frances Galleymore, Ann Egan, Ann Mason, Danielle Hope,
                 Martin Lyon, Margaret Wilmot, 
Paul Stephenson.

Wordsworth -- still worth it – Roger Harvey.
Poems:   Chris Waters, Kathleen M. Quinlan, Ruth O’Callaghan.
Poetry in Translation:   Zhu Jian (trans. by Yi Zhe), Virgil by Fred Beake),
                                        Nercedes Mebrián (by Terence Dooley), 
Heinrich Heine
                                        (by Thomas Land).
Poems: Philip Rush, Harry Guest, Lotte Kramer, Peter Dale, David H.W. Grubb,
                Roy Cameron, Jean Watkins, Danielle Hope, K.V. Skene, Nicola Warwick,
                Keith McFarlane, Lucinda Carey.
Frost and the Dark – Colin Bancroft.
Poems:   Elaine Feinstein, David Ishaya, William Roychowdhury, Alison Chisholm.
Creative Writing in the USA and the UK:  From Wales to Vermont –
                A personal Round Trip – Tony Curtis.

Reviews:  William Bedford, William Oxley, Edmund Prestwich, Fred Beake.

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