Hannah Baldwin

on your toes

it takes two to tango, honey
as the wolf kills the dear
as the lion hunts his prey
it takes two to tango, baby

what is a dance without a glowing pair of eyes
what is a dance without a glistening pair of lips
what is a dance without a wandering pair of hands
it takes two to tango, darling


how does your hurt become defence

what is this world
rock hurtling through space

isn’t it crazy how so much hurt and pain can
happen on a small circle of ants
and we spin
and we spin

hurt and pain and love at once
hurt and pain
heavier than love
we strap it to our backs
make armour of it
we strap the others up

drop it
be free
lift the weight from others

ants can make a difference


selective blindness

it is said that a covered body
is more likely to have a woman murderer

what is it
in a woman’s mind

that makes her close her eyes?
i cannot see why

Hannah Baldwin is a 16-year- old sixth form student based in the North-East of England who
developed a love for writing and literature at a young age. She hopes to use poetry as an exploration
of the world and society around her, mainly focussing on topics of gender, relationships and societal