Abiann Lewis


The captivating nonsense
That spills from the glass,
The liquor intoxicating my entire being
Confusing my thoughts and logic.
I know that it will destroy me
Corrupting my insides
Until all that remains is nothingness.
But how do you reject a drink
That you’ve never tasted?
A drink that has never graced your lips,
Or knows who you are.
For the drink was him
And he was intoxicated
Not with emotion but by alcohol
The thief of time, sense and love.
I should run, but how can I
When the longing for the taste is so great?
So I pray that one day
I will find an AA meeting
For my addicted heart.



You ask: “why are you crying?”
I’m crying for all of the stress
And the uncertainty that is my future,
For the love and heartbreaks
That are yet to happen
For the times that I feel so alone,
Like I am trapped in a transparent box
Watching everyone live their lives
And be aggravatingly happy.

I ask: “why am I crying?”
Sometimes it becomes so normal
That I don’t realise that it’s not okay
To always be sad,
To cry yourself to sleep
Day after day
And long to be asleep,
To enter a world of darkness and peace
Where the reality that I form
Is more appealing than my own.


I am an 18-year- old East Londoner, who is currently in the last year of Sixth Form. Science is my subject of choice at school, but my passions are music, art and literature, as they allow me to enter worlds that are not limited by facts or numbers. Poetry is the only way that I can coherently articulate my thoughts and produce work that represents my life at a specific moment.