Andrea Witzke Slot


– Goodbye
frames our lives
like two warm palms
supporting the upright
spines of our fierce,
fierce love. We live on hellos,
the slippage of savory words
from the shelves, cherishing
the pages turning in our mouths,
even as we must, ever over,
swallow our tears, shut the covers,
slip our souls back into place
and once again whisper,
Goodbye, darling.
Goodbye –


Andrea Witzke Slot is author of the poetry collection To find a new beauty (Gold Wake Press) and a recently-finished novel. Recent work appears in a variety of UK and US journals, including Nimrod, Bellevue Literary Review, Ambit, Meridian, American Literary Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and books by SUNY Press and Palgrave Macmillan, which include her essays on poetry and social change. An American expat and permanent resident of the UK, Andrea lives in London but visits Chicago regularly.