Anne Stewart

I tell people it’s always there now

your presence, as though switched on somehow.

How every hour has become my miss-you hour
and I’m warm with you beside me. Right now

I feel your hand rest easy in my palm.
all your bright days gone,

your dour and tut-and-fidget days behind you.

Your toughest hour has all the iron within me
burnished to warmest amber,

shaped to a circle, a frame I see our picture in;
that one we’re laughing in, arms

around each other’s shoulders,

Where does the one end
and the other begin?

Anne Stewart founded and runs the online poet showcase and is administrator for Second Light, a network of women poets. Her UK collection is The Janus Hour (Oversteps Books). She has two short collections with publishers in Bucharest. Her awards include The Bridport Prize, The Southport Prize, Silver Wyvern (Poetry on the Lake, Italy) and a Hawthornden Fellowship.