Annie Fisher


Today we made old people out of plastic bottles
and glue and tissue paper and wool I was next to Gary
I always sit next to Gary cos he can spell
Miss likes Gary even when he calls out but if I call out she goes
mental and we had to give our puppets names and a history so
Miss said to think about our grandparents
but I dont have a grandad and nans not old enough for history
and Gary said he was going to call his puppet Hitler
he gave it a moustash and a scar with blood and he said I could
call mine Gerbils but Miss said we couldnt do animals
so I said mine was Henry Sweeting RIP cos I copied it off of a
grave when we went to the church
and Miss liked Henry Sweeting RIP
but when Gary said he was doing Hitler Miss didnt like it
so she took Gary into the corridor
and when they came back Gary kicked his chair
but Miss didnt say anything
and then we had to say about our puppets round the class
so I said mine was called Henry Sweeting RIP and he liked curry
and Gary said his was called Ralf and he was
an ambulance driver in the war
so then I said I thought he was Hitler
but Gary said Hes Ralf
I said Hitler would of been cool


Annie Fisher’s background has been in primary education, initially as a teacher and later as an English adviser. Now semi-retired, she writes humorous and ‘lightly serious’ poetry for adults and children as well as stories for children.