Barbara Cumbers

Response to an unanswered prayer

Thank you for praying.
Your prayer is important to us
and will receive attention
as soon as possible.
Right at this moment
God is asleep, though
as He is outside time
this moment for you
might seem to be forever.
Please believe the delay
is not through lack of interest
‒poor God is just worn out
with choosing and helping,
providing a timely earthquake
here and there, the odd comet,
eclipse or supernova
to confound your enemies.
Right now, He is sleeping off
the sheer manipulation
of unintended consequences.
He has turned in His sleep,
wuffling softly through His beard
as He drags His duvet up
over the cold shoulder
that, by pure coincidence,
is now turned towards you.

Barbara Cumbers is a retired geologist and information officer living in London with a husband and a cat. Her poems have been widely published in magazines and anthologies. Her first collection was A Gap in the Rain, published by Indigo Dreams in 2016.  She had a strict Christian fundamentalist upbringing, the repudiation of which sometimes reflects in her poems.