Becky Nuttall

The Swans at Bletchley Park

As we leave,
heads full of girls
and numbers,
men and switches,
an ice cream reference
that makes me think
of a holiday in France
and the wood
with a memorial
amongst the trees
– to fighters who
– were boys and girls,
to such bravery
– that I, as a mother,
imagine myself
– crying, longing,
through endless nights,
to touch my child again.

– As we leave
three swans walk
across the lawn
of Bletchley Park
a pen and two cygnets
with a shambling gait
heads bowed
like three white ghosts
moving along the huts,
making me think
of aerial photographs and
encampments on the edge
of Polish woods.
Three swans,
a pen and two cygnets,
moving through two worlds,
seeking their own element
between sky and earth,
their feathers dusted
with the residue of atoms
from ash and stars

Working from her South Devon-based studio Becky uses allegory and symbols in her art work and poetry. She often references the impact of theology, religious violence, guilt, piety, art history, feminism, popular culture and conformity on her adolescence. Becky’s
artwork is also intertextual; deconstructing and recon- structing her family’s art heritage into new work. Becky also runs the monthly spoken word Stanza Extravaganza in Torquay.