Belinda Rimmer

Liz Berry Reads ‘Bird’

Her words pin me to the chair,
tight as bath-shrunk Levis.

She seems far away, beyond
this stifling room at the back
of an Oxfam book shop.

Her arms stir, a bristle of her chest
into winter plumage,
a click, click, click of lips
sharpening to beak. She lifts,

perches on shelves and hardback Harry Potters,
moulting little downy wisps, transforming
from hummingbird to lark to wren.

After the poem ends, she’s still catching
delicate drafts. At the book signing,
I steal a feather from her wing.

Belinda’s poems are widely published in print and on-line journals. In 2018, she came second in the Ambit Poetry Competition. She was runner-up in the 2019 Stanza Poetry Competition. She is also joint winner of the Indigo-First Pamphlet Competition, 2018, with Touching Sharks in Monaco (published 2019). A chapbook of poems on the life and work of the American writer Tillie Olsen, called How To Be Silent, will be published by dancing girl press in 2021.