Bibhu Padhi


Don’t speak. Just listen.
Listen to your heart.

Now the sound, perennial
like some trees, now

the words, fresh and clear
like crystalline water.

Do you hear? If you
don’t, try to be still, quieter.

I’m sure you will hear
sooner or later.

Having lived in this
world for so many years,

one loses the silence
of being alone.

Wait and then listen
again. The reassuring,

healing sound and words
will be with you. Here.

Bibhu Padhi is an Indian poet and writer. He writes in English and Oriya languages. He is also a literary critic and translator. He has written several books. Padhi joined Ravenshaw College’s (now Ravneshaw University and where he was educated) Department of English in 1974 and was teaching there until 1981 and later from 1985 to 1992. He was also Counsellor for Odisha branch of the Open University (IGNOU). He has 11 volumes of poems written in English.