Blaithin Allain

Waltz to Solitude

Birds cease in song
while a piano air longs
to stifle the sound of solitude,
and dancers grow dim
as smoke circles spin,
immobile in silent inaptitude

and lost to the moon
a crow drifts alone,
abandoning stranded branches;
A Winter tree stands,
a cage that has banned
this song still unsung of solitude.

The sky bleeds to night
and wind whispers die
in sore rimes of muted sorrow;
crow feathers lie shocked,
wings shattered by rocks,
banished by flock to solitude;

And pale as they tremble
blown petals assemble
by square and derelict tenement,
lost love words ring wrong
as they lilt and they fall
to waltz in the dawn to solitude.

Blaithin Allain is from the west of Ireland. She lives between Ireland and Brittany in the north of France where she works as an actress.
She has been writing poetry on and off since she could first write nursery rimes. She then decided to try to get one or two in print. So with a bit of luck, her poems have been published in various reviews.