Briege Duffaud

Suburban Flan

Tree-bones float on dishwater sky,
grey mist seeps from the river.
Under my window the garden’s still:
where are the parakeets and why
is the blackbird silent? I fear that
single magpie, sprawled talons
awkward on my windowsill,
brings news of God-knows-what undoing.
Shall I once again smell lilac:
walking from Kingston on this
Springtime road bend branches down
to my delighted face? Duvet-trapped
above my Winter-withered plot,
bare birdless trees, I cough away the hours
and tremble at the long cold Winter
I must now live through.
Or not.

Briege Duffaud is a Northern Irish writer of poetry and fiction. Her poems and short stories have been published in English and European magazines, including PIR, French Literary Review, The Spectator, Acumen … In the past she published two novels and a short story collection. She lives in London.