Brigid Sivill

The Sea Dream

lays its strangeness upon me.
Wash my eyes it says
and I will tell you everything.
Turbulence, whirlpools,
breathing through the reef.
Where is it looking? What does it see?

Enter the sea with love, its eyes water.
It wraps itself round as I dive
for the ridged brown shell.
In its fury makes mountains,
rolls in its endless plains.
Moon-tide. Salt.

When all the tides have taken me,
I’m only sea-wrack on the shore,
turning between the wave and silence.
Water and land.
Washed by strangeness
I start looking through its eyes.

Brigid Sivill has worked all over Asia and Africa as well as Essex and Cambridge teaching teachers to love words and poetry. Her Ph.D was about using dictated stories to help secondary age students become readers. She has been privileged to work with wonderful colleagues in the Himalayas, remote villages in India and Pakistan, and with teachers in China and Sri Lanka opening the doors of language and poetry. Since retiring to rural Normandy she is able to concentrate on writing and is mid-way through a long series of poems about a historical companion from the Island of Ceilon.