Carys Maloney


taking my mind back
to twenty-sixteen
when my life as being ripped apart
at the seams
and it seemed
i was blind
to everything, but pain
as i soon lost everyone
who always swore that
they’d stay
but there was never going to be
an easy way to see
the loss of what you never had
is a gain, in that it
sets you free
and only in hindsight do we
laugh and play and
for it’s all so much clearer now
in twenty-nineteen;
the truth that we must first
wake from sleep
in order to live out
the life of which we dream.


y o u  c a n ‘ t  d e s t r o y  m e

you took my heart
setting it on fire with
the promise of passion
and danger
yet you watered it down
with doubt and
you cut me back
my tears putting out the fire you
birthed in me
their salt healing my wounds
until your name stung me
no more.

w e  a l l  n e e d  a r t

the beauty of art
is that it should not be explained
we can quietly share an appreciation for
its existence;
through perceiving it in different ways,
we can learn things
about ourselves.
art holds its value in mystery
which brings comfort to so many
neither right nor wrong
it simply exists,
speaking volumes
from a single soul’s experience
to the world and beyond.

Carys Maloney is a 17 year old poet based in Worcester, UK. She recently self-published her debut poetry collection ‘Dusk Before Dawn’ available on Amazon and writes on Instagram @carys_maloney.
She enjoys creating, traveling, music, and new experiences that allow for growth.