Clair Chilvers (cont)

Where is your son
He’s lying dead
On a street in Lebanon.

Sources: 1.Isaiah 29:17; 2,3. Song of Solomon 4:15;
4,7,8. Ozioma Ogbail: Utopia; 5,6. John K Trainer:
Cedars of Lebanon; 9. Judges 9:15; 10-22 & 24-32.
Times Newspaper and BBC coverage; 23. Jeremiah
22:6; 33-36. ‘r’: Lebanon

Clair Chilvers was a cancer scientist, and latterly worked for the UK National Health Service. She divides her time between writing and volunteering for the charity Mental Health Research UK that she co-founded. She lives in   Gloucester-shire, UK. She has had poems published in online and print magazines including Agenda, Allegro, Amaryllis, Artemis,
Atrium, the Ekphrastic Review, Impspired, Ink Sweat and Tears, Live Encounters. Poetry Atlas, Reach Poetry,
Sarasvati and Snakeskin. She won second prize in the Poetry Kit Ekphrastic Competition 2020 and her poems have been longlisted or commended in the Cinnamon Press Pamphlet Prize 2020, and Poetry Kit Competition 2020. Her first collection Out of the Darkness (Frosted Fire) was published in 2021 and her second Island (Impspired Press) in 2022. twitter @cedc13