Colin McGuire


Conifers queuing for a bus:
when they get on
there’s standing room only.

They’ve had enough of the city.
Sick of inhalers.
Lack of tenants in their foliage.

Out to the countryside.
Eco-house with solar panels.
Evenings stood proudly.

All it takes is one of them to plant
a few humans in the house
to ruin everything in the back garden.

They agree to leave them
to their own devices,
preferring spacious, vacant places

to fall quiet for 100 years,
raise the saplings
in a wood of their own making.

Colin McGuire, is a Glaswegian poet, who lives in Edinburgh who has published one chapbook Everybody lie down and no-one gets hurt and one full collection As I sit quietly, I begin to smell burning with Red Squirrel Press. He is a seasoned performer and creative writing teacher who has worked collaboratively with the Scottish Poetry Library. His poetry has been described as serious, urgent, sharply funny, which excludes no-one.