Colin Pink

Three Triadic Couplets

(after Vincent van Gogh ‘A Pair of Shoes’ 1886)

No one knows who the shoes belong to:
crumpled leather, stringy laces and mud

is all that holds them together, in a shape
moulded in time by the tread of the feet

of someone who has left their mark
though no-one can hope to decipher it.



It passes through me – brushes my spine
with icy claws which draw from my skin

a haptic cry. A ghost has settled into me,
inhabits my body, neat as a hand in a glove,

and turns the air bitter – leaves a taste on the
tongue I can’t ignore. Then, bored, leaves me.



I saw you once, walking along the street, This was
in Kingston-upon-Thames. You strode along and

looked happy enough. I was on my lunch break and
wanted to shout out, Hey, you’re me! But isn’t it bad

luck to meet? So I just watched you from a distance.
And sometimes I still wonder how you’re getting on

Colin Pink lives and works in London, England. He studied philosophy at the University of Southampton and the History of Art at Birkbeck College, He trained in play writing at Soho Theatre and the Chelsea Theatre, London. He has three times won prizes in the London Writers’ Competition for his plays. Colin divides his time between writing and personal coaching. His poem ‘Games the Dead Play’ was long-listed for the National Poetry Prize and Poetry Salzburg published his first collection Acrobats of Soundin 2016. ‘[His] love of language and sound shine clearly through in this collection. There is a certain delicacy in the writing.’ — Katherine Lockton.