Colin Pink

Poetry Terminable and Interminable
(Ars Poetica i.m. Jack Spicer)

the poem isn’t over
it tracks your every move
changes of address
new jobs new friends
it’s always on your trail
at night it grips you tight
wraps itself around your hip
fills your dreams with false memories
laughs itself to sleep
the poem won’t give up
there are butterflies in the poem
of course there are
beautiful butterflies
real ones symbolic ones
butterflies that secretly believe
they are lost souls
seeking the taste of the perfect petal
alighting on the mind
evading the hunting net of neurons
the poem isn’t finished
it deals from a crooked deck
releases the wild horses
of long disguised desire
tramples your careful garden
hangs on the note like Charlie Parker
clinging to the cliff edge
it is the needle in the vein
the viscous cling of spirit to the glass
the embrace that never parts
riffing from one mind to another
smuggled through customs
hidden in a bouquet of dendrites
levitating from one body to another
the poem never rests
a command module
taking off intent on return
to the mother ship
a sunspot on the lens of the mind
a burnt cornea
the poem never ends
it just pretends
crowd surfing its way over the audience
skimming the surface tension
of multiple reception
an interminable heavy metal drum solo
an unfinishable riff
from a guitar hero
a jazz solo with no resolution
stranded in a sonic elevator
late for an appointment
with eternity
with the scaffold of desire
the drop of the heart
the fire in the veins
the electricity in the wire
the dance of the deranged
the podium of false starts
the poem is never over
even after you put it away
its slim spine disappearing
slipping onto a shelf
or left on the bus
or given to a friend
still it flows around you
the poem never gives up

Colin Pink lives and works in London, England. He studied philosophy at the
University of Southampton and the History of Art at Birkbeck College, Competition for his plays. Colin divides his time between writing and personal coaching.
His poem ‘Games the Dead Play’ was long-listed for the National Poetry Prize
and Poetry Salzburg published his first collection Acrobats of Soundin 2016.