Colin Pink


I’d like to report myself to a member of staff.
I’ve noticed I’ve been acting suspiciously lately.
I want to leave my baggage unattended although
I have been warned it could be destroyed. Often
I fail to mind the gap between me and my country.
I’ve stopped believing the things I’m told on TV
and sometimes catch myself thinking for myself.
I keep reminding people the Daily Mail adored
Hitler in the 1930s. It’s time I turned myself in.
Clearly, I’m a risk to myself and other people.

Colin Pink lives and works in London, England. He studied philosophy at the University of Southampton and the History of Art at Birkbeck College. His poem ‘Games the Dead Play’ was long-listed for the National Poetry Prize and Poetry Salzburg published his first collection Acrobats of Sound in 2016. 
‘[His] love of language and sound shine clearly through in this collection. There is
a certain delicacy in the writing.’ — Katherine Lockton.