Cosima Gillhammer


There is silence in space tonight.
No reasoning, pleading or shouting,
only a dark sky
which tastes of winter and pain.

Like the old bishops’ tombs,
their human frailty banned in stone,
downtrodden symbols
of unremembered sorrow.

Ages whirl past in an instant,
and the children’s voices,
resounding through vaulted arches,
will crack and be lost.

They will know the same tears,
their light will be dimmed
and their promise betrayed,
as the stone has foretold.

Oh, lay me to rest
with the silent kings
in a chamber of stone.


Let me await with them
the trumpet
and the end of the circle of grief.

Cosima Gillhammer is a lecturer in Medieval English at the University of Oxford. Her academic research focuses on Middle English history writing and translations of biblical texts. She is also a keen photo-grapher, and her interest in landscape and architecture is reflected in her poetry.