Craig Dobson

Long Moment

I caught it, between drinks two and three:
my glimpse, my quotidian epiphany.
The machinery of vision clicked one notch
on revelation’s cog, held for a moment –
a long one – before its order faltered, fell

And what do I remember?
Nothing of the detail, no shred
of its ravishing wear. But I’m sure
that all that went before is altered now;
all since: different, too, somehow,
as if, across my life, a line was scored.
No, I don’t know why; nor can I define

more than this: the vision was mine,
and mine, too, this unignorable border.

Craig’s had poems published in The North,
The Rialto, Stand, Prole, Magma, Poetry
Ireland Review, New Welsh Review, The
London Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review
amongst others. He also writes plays.
He works as a librarian in London.