Danielle Hope

Mrs Uomo on Sheds

Mrs Uomo is watching her new neighbours
build a shed in their garden.
Not a shed really, more of a ranch house.
Three rooms thick. Blocking light, brooding
like Wagner’s shadow. To hide it
she will have to grow a poplar hedge.

Only, thinks Mrs Uomo, over breakfast tea,
it isn’t being built by them but by her father.
A wedding present. When the previous couple
moved in, her father ripped up the grass
at the front and laid bricks. Treacherous in ice
for Mrs Uomo’s wonky hip. They divorced.

Danielle Hope was born in Lancashire, now lives in London where she works as a doctor.Her poetry is accessible and has broad appeal. She performs on the London scene – contemporary and slam. Her work explores contemporary themes, and in the latest collection she develops a new alter ego – who struggles to cope with everyday life such as booking appointments. She founded and edited Zenos, a magazine of British and International Poetry,