David Olsen


In momentary glory a negligent star
winks its accidental trace to oblivion.

The full Earth casts a faint glow
upon the new moon’s onyx disc,
blots the smudged page of night.

Two bodies complement yet oppose
without relief: one guides tidal affairs;
the other endures without protest
a minor-key adagio reprised for fools.


David Olsen’s Unfolding Origami
won the Cinnamon Press Poetry
Collection Award. 
Adroit and affective,
David Olsen’s poetry explores liminal
states and identity 
in a confident,
graceful voice. 
His lucid style and keen
observation exhibits depth and precision.
Images are delicate and metaphors are
controlled; resonant with humanity.
There is poignancy here, but never
sentimentality; always maintaining the
tension of the poetic form.