Doreen Hinchliffe

The Art Of Getting Lost

Practise the art of getting lost
in the deepest forest, not knowing where
it ends, like the leaf of an oak tossed

on a sudden wind, unaware
of anything except the flight
in dappled sun, the ripples of air,

conscious only of slanting light
through branches, of being borne and held,
indifferent to left or right

to future or to past, propelled
into the heart of now by powers
unfathomed, unseen, deep in the meld

and mould of earth, in its tiny flowers
(bluer than bluebells, whiter than frost)
that lie beyond the counting of hours

and the counting of the cost.


Doreen’s poems have been published in various poetry anthologies and magazines, including Mslexia, Poetry News, Magma, Orbis, Acumen, Artemis, South Bank Poetry and The Interpreter’s House. She has also had a sonnet sequence recorded by Live Canon on their Poems For Christmas CD. In 2012, her pamphlet, Opening Time, was shortlisted for The Venture Award and her first collection, Dark Italics, is to be published by Indigo Dreams in 2017.