Dorrie Johnson

Silence Speaks Volumes


come from shelves,
fill corners
vie for attention –
snatches of fiction whisper –
expectations, prejudice, mocking bird, charlotte;
metaphor purrs from poetry,
facts exclaim
truths, instructions, explanations.

This place might be life changing

where space and time dance to different tunes
small cues become ideas
ideas explode into words

detection, seduction
and promise fill cold afternoons,

where voices are soft, reverential
and silence speaks volumes.

When Dorrie Johnson was 14 she inherited two books from a writing grandfather – The Poetical Works of Longfellow and The Poetical Works of Tennyson. These nurtured a growing love of poetry. Now, many years later, with poetry courses and a MA behind her she is still writing poetry.
A small collection, The Monarch’s Way, stemming from her dissertation and following the flight of future Cavalier King Charles II from Cromwell’s Roundhead Armies, was published by the Battle of Britain Society. Still writing in response to experiences, Dorrie is now focusing more on poetry to accompany her photographs or to record her family history.