Adriel Jamil

In this lifetime we’ll meet

Between shadow and light
time moves in a circle.
Two lovers of a past life,
stuck in their present.

If one lifetime is enough for love’s full bounty
to be reaped
why do we keep losing ourselves,
each other
to other pastimes, wasteful infatuations.
(Beyond reason or natural instincts)

You said things die to grow again,
so every night I have died
to be born again by the morning.
(Waiting for you to catch up.)

I know you are coming.
So I will prepare.
(I know you are dying.
just to meet me here.)

So as darkness lifts,
so will my spirits leave
a new day
a new me


Adriel Jamil is a young writer hailing from the small Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. After attending Queen’s Royal College the birthplace of many of the greatest minds from Trinidad, including Trinidad’s  Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipaul, Adriel has dedicated himself to his craft of writing. Whilst only 23 his ambitions are to rival his predecessors and retell the story of Trinidad and the region, giving voice to what he terms the “New Caribbean”.