Duncan Forbes


Moonrise over the sea.
Sunset over the land.
Exquisite is the word
after a cloudless day
for the wonders of the world.
Planet and moon rotate,
satellite mirrors the sun,
waves reflect the light
and the moon like a faceless clock
illuminates the scene
and clarifies the mind,
unique but not alone
as day turns into night
and years to eras fade.

Exquisite is the word
as you and I agree
or would do if we were
together when we heard
water cleanse the sand
or land resist the sea
with cliffs of crumbling rock
under a sunlit moon,
though I feel part resigned
that we may never see
together from where you stand
unique but not alone
sunset over the land,
moonrise over the sea.

His poems have won a Gregory Award and First Prize in the TLS/ Blackwells Competition. His work has also been widely published in journals, magazines and anthologies as well as being broadcast on radio both in the UK  and the US. He has judged poetry prizes and run creative writing groups. He has lectured on, and taught, literature and History of Art.

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