Eleanor Westwood

Wise Woman

I am here in the deep abiding
when you are finally able to cast aside your coat of worries
Then you can feel my warm hand on your shoulder
guiding you over to the fire.

I sit opposite you and with my gentle eyes
I see what you need
but I wait for you to speak it for yourself.

You look up at me, your eyes full of longing,
with always the same question “can I really ask for this?”

You only ever ask for what everyone deserves
the warmth of affection
the light of attention
the security of belonging.

I will be with you always
and my work is to change every cell in your
body and every particle of your being
to know absolutely that it is loved.

I hold the knowing that there will be a time
when it is your turn to be the woman who holds open
the door
and closes it to create a place of safety
the woman with the kind eyes
and ancient smile

for we are all part of each other
and these are roles we take up over and over
since the beginning of time until the end of time.

I will hold you now
and we will join the cosmos breathing.

Be at peace.

Eleanor Westwood grew up in Devon and was delighted to return to live there in 2011. She has a background in education but is currently focussing on writing poetry and short stories. Consistent sources of inspiration amongst the upheaval of life are friendships and the beauty of local landscapes.