Emmaline O’Dowd

O, meine Herren!

This lady’s a rare plant, an exotic parasitic – oh but the
meine Herren, the adornments –

the plunging back, the swaying hips,
the cigarette holder at her lips,
the cocktail glass where the cherry dips…

She follows fashion to the letter,
but she’ll always go one better,
out-Harlow Jean, out-Garbo Greta…

O, meine Herren!

This lady’s made of steel and gemstone – oh but the
meine Herren, the enticements –

the challenge of that painted pout,
the languorous lids that leave no doubt
she knows for sure what she’s about…

So much glamour, so much glitz –
the way she stands, the way she sits,
the way that clinging bodice fits…

O, meine Herren!

This lady’s a risker, a chancer, dancing close to the brink –
oh but the poise,
meine Herren, the deportment –

there’s just nothing you can tell this
mistress of the tilted pelvis –
her assets are what she herself is…

Though you might do your best to lure her,
don’t imagine you’ll secure her –
she won’t stop till she’s reached the Führer…

O, meine Herren!

Emmaline O’Dowd, former violin and piano teacher, is a member of Derby City Poets and has had work in various magazines over the years, as well as in the Quaker anthology ‘A speaking silence’.