Frances Galleymore

A Tea Party

The Hatter was here
and the hats
we wear
are his

pull-ons in pink and red and purple
striped wool
and a cloche or two with a brim or not that sprouts
nodding daisies

while we lounge beside the metal stands
that flower
hooks and bags
transparent or red or covered in blue.

Drip drip drip
the pumps go tick-tock-tick
beep-beep- beep!

Just arrived to join our brave
the woman whose head’s been shaved
to a whisker
and the woman who sports a
glory of polyester
in a stack of improbable gold
giving the finger to the Hatter.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Poetry Society Member Frances Galleymore, who was also a longstanding member of Highgate Poets. Frances was a poet, novelist and screenwriter. Her poems have been widely published in anthologies and magazines. As a screenwriter, she had over thirty drama productions to her name and worked with directors including Mike Newell. Her short stories have been broadcast on BBC Radio Four and published in the Mail on Sunday.