Gareth Alun Roberts


I am the horse-man.
I ride the dank mists in river-valleys
where swollen fords
cover your boots.

I am the breath in the darkness,
the sound of swift hooves

My eye is fantastic,
my tongue immortal. My touch
is as cool as deep water
to make you still.

I am the weed on your pillow,
the seed in your bed
when the smell of night-blossom
is damp in your throat.

I am the horse-man.
I wait where dark streams
break the wayward path

to take you down.

Gareth Alun Roberts is a poet and been published in numerous publications.
Born and bred in Cardiff, Gareth has since lived in Aberystwyth, London and Thurso – among other places. He now lives with his family in Berkshire.
Gareth is a long standing member of West Berkshire Writers group; 
he has a Facebook page, but is not really sure how to use it; and he has a Twitter account, but doesn’t know why: Gareth doesn’t tweet.