Ged Groves

Easter 2020

Daffodils gather
in the sudden sunlight,
bees reach out,
the swallows are arriving
across an open sky.

We’re being quiet today,
we’re in retreat.

Maybe this world doesn’t need us ―
green moves over our absence
smooth as an eraser,
water lucidifies,
other animals step into our place,
though not into our shoes.

If we’re going to stay,
we must live more beautifully
on this beautiful earth.

It is Easter and the churches
are empty, and we
are being saved by angels,
who in their masks,
who in their love,
hold back our slipping
into darkness
with their crucified arms.

Ged Groves lives in North Yorkshire. For a long time he taught English Literature & Creative Writing, but doesn’t anymore. He has indepen-dently published four novels, a book of short stories and a volume of poetry. Over the years his work has appeared in a number of magazines, including Pennine Platform, Orbis and Outposts. He is currently compiling a new collection of poetry.