Gordon Scapens

I’m part of the World

You tell me that
if I close my eyes
and listen to the mountains
I will hear rocks enduring.

I try, I really try.
I hold my breath, concentrate,
sift through the silence,
and weigh your words

like a wrapped gift.
My mind is a blank page
ready to preserve the moment.
I shut out the view,

stretch out my hands,
feel the presence of hills,
valleys, wild streams,
all that will be here

when my name has no meaning.
My ears are now alive.
and with feet planted firmly
I feel I’m growing.

I’m tethered to life
with nothing left to say
but this way of saying it
won’t go away.

Since retirement there’s been more time for writing. Coming from ‘the grim north’ this brightens up life and seeing work in print is motivation to continue. Sympathetic Editors are greatly appreciated!