Hannah Hodgson

Accessible Seating Available.

He glosses over my wheelchair
like the terms and conditions
no one reads,

says “can you climb 18 steps?”,
wills my body to regenerate.
He (like so many others)

ignore disability
if it is better for them.
He unlocks the ramp

shows us to seats
that are torn
and as uncomfortable

as the atmosphere.
It’s as if access is a favour
not a right.

I am a nuisance
but am accommodated
for the right fee.

Hannah Hodgson has been published in Poetry Salzburg and Under the Radar magazine and has won several young poets compe-titions.  She has been poet in residence at two festivals. There is a YouTube channel where she talks about her palliative illness, and reviews books and poetry collections (www.youtube.com/c/HannahHodgson). Hannah has a series of illnesses and finds writing to be her therapy.