Jacob Lotinga

Lotus Flowers at Jogye Temple
for Roger

On a humid summer night in Seoul,
I left my simple lodgings to inspect
The leading temple of the Jogye Sect.
Well, every night-time wander needs a goal.
What startled me on this nocturnal stroll
Was lotus flowers: I did not expect
Their raised leaves spread like wings, their heads erect,
Angelic glowing pink; that’s how they stole
Whatever show a temple may put on.
Roger, it was you who introduced me
To Jogye Temple on your trip – time flees –
To Seoul (where have the nine years since then gone?);
But Jogyesa had never quite seduced me
Till now. What might van Gogh have made of these?

Jacob grew up in Nottinghamshire, studied Modern Languages at university, and has lived for extended periods in South Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Italy. Jacob is currently based in Sheffield, UK.