Jan Harris

The Glove her Mother Left Unfinished

It would mean so much to me,
my friend says,
if you could finish it.

She hands me the needles,
two neat rows of knitting
in soft black yarn,
a single strand of silver
shimmering through.

The finished one hugs her wrist,
fits each finger with comfort.

The pattern is fragile with age,
held together with yellowed tape,
adjusted many times
to fit a growing hand,
the workings written in pencil
on the back.

I follow it with care,
fall into the rhythm of her mother’s making.
To finish the glove takes little
from the skein,
enough left over
for a hat and scarf to keep a daughter warm
on the coldest winter day.

Jan Harris’s poems have appeared in various places including Poetry Wales, Acumen and Envoi. She was placed third in the Wales Poetry Award, 2019. Her first collection, Mute Swans on the Cam, was published by Oversteps Books in 2020.