Jasmine Barrett

The Shepherd’s Cry

Leaves greet the sun at dawn
unfurling to embrace the caress of its glow
whispers of warning echo through its limbs
the shepherd’s cry sharp in the wind

Leaves let go at dusk
with permission from the moon
branches bear – no veil to shade them from the dark
who hunts with hubris
a smile with blackened teeth

yet the ferns will greet the oaks again
and I will greet you with Hades


the sun

the sun aches alone in the sky
shining a summer of lust and love

and in the garden of earth
leaves worship the rays
water kisses the sand
bodies lay embraced by warmth
skin turns to honey

and the shadows whisper to one another
sweet nothings and notions
moments of madness
fleeting flirtations

the sun thrives alone in the sky
pumping life through the veins of the planet
complete solitude
unrequited devotion



toes consumed by water
cold rising around calves
gravity grasping
a body searching for an end
hair fighting the fall

Jasmine is a young poet, currently exploring innovations and modernist movements in poetry. She is a third year university student, studying English Language and Linguistics, with Creative Writing at Kingston University, London. Alongside poetry, and studying, she is also passionate about human rights, the environment, and mental health.