Jill Boucher


Conceive a magic carpet of space-time
a billowing sheet not threaded with miles or hours
not spooled or spun but spilled dimensionless
on which we float secured by gravity
no where or when
but in our brains’ conception of what is
and was and will be and of how
a universe can happen like a wave
evolving gathering heaving itself to be
smooth as a dolphin’s back on which we surf
riffing on tales of singularities
black holes light years a zillion galaxies.
Conceive of what you will:
What ‘is’ eludes us still.

Jill Boucher lives in rural Warwickshire with a very large garden, a husband and a cat. She
should have gone to Oxford to read English Literature on leaving school but opted for drama  school instead. This proved to be a duff career move, so after a spell drifting she qualifiedand worked as a speech and language therapist, becoming fascinated by the brain-bases of language. She inveigled her way into Oxford as a mature student and has subsequently worked as an academic psychologist, specialising in autism. She has ‘always written poetry’,but only began to write in earnest about four years ago, and is just beginning to get published.