Jim C. Wilson & Ben Cusden

Jim C. Wilson

The Greens Of May

The greens of May shine brighter each new spring
and though I’ve seen it all before, the days
each year smell more and more of morning. Night
turns light; the blackbird is my call to rise,
his song in every room at dawn. The time
is right for stepping out into the sun.
There’s warmth once more and I again should run,
should dance, and would ‒but I am past my prime:
my limbs now creak and mist can dim my eyes.
How odd to see buds burst but feel the bite
of creeping frost. As autumn brings more haze,
the greens of May shine brighter each new spring.

Jim C Wilson’s poetry has been widely published since the early 1980s (and was featured in issue 7 of Acumen). He has been the Writer in Residence for Stirling District and, from 2001 until 2007, a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow. He has taught his Poetry in Practice class at Edinburgh University since 1994. His most recent collection is Come Close And Listen (Greenwich Exchange).


Ben Cusden

gentle streams

fold soft water as it trickles down falls
no bigger than doorsteps
without doorway or path

catch stray rays from surface ripples
store in safe places
next to dandelion fronds

keep waves of water and waves of light
for empty days when sunshine is sparse
and gentle streams remain in the past

Ben Cusden is a regular MC and volunteer for Ruth O’Callaghan’s Lumen and Camden Poetry groups. He has been published in anthologies by Salmon Poetry (3 times); Mountain Springs Publishing and Inner Child Press. Ben was shortlisted for The Bridport Prize in 2017. He moved from Cornwall in 2013 to care
for his mother in Purley.