John Chinaka Onyeche

Marriage Hour

Unveil this veil
Tell me what it is
That you haven’t
Said to me before

Yes I do I do

Unveil this veil
It has lingered
For many days and
Hours now hung

Till death do us part

Remembering our
Love like tender
Lilies that grows
By the river sides

Together forever
Until death do us part

Unveil this veil
Listening to the
Words of promises
And Vows we vowed

Men and angels
Bear us witness
Amen and amen
We are now one

John Chinaka Onyeche (Rememberajc) loves to pen down every thought of his heart as a young man and he wishes to be found in the soil of literary world some day as he works on his first poetry collection titled: I Am Finding Myself. He is a poet from Nigeria, writing from the metropolitan city of Port Harcourt Rivers State.