Jules Whiting

Oyster Grit

I have learnt to let certain memories
work their way into the watery tissue
of my temporal lobe, there
the steep of time and fluids –
flowing through the folded grey grooves
of my brain – wash and wash again
their grit, till all that’s left
is a brittle coating deposited in layers.

Dredged up, nothing will be seen
but the sheen of pearls.

Jules Whiting grew up in the country village of Cholsey, Oxfordshire, and much of the
inspiration for her poetry comes from the village and surrounding countryside. She
obtained an MA in creative writing from Bath Spa University. Her poems have appeared in
Orbis, South, Envoi, The Interpreters House, The High Window, Haibun Journal and
various anthologies including Stanley Spencer Poems, Two Rivers Press, Best of British,
PaPer Swans Press, A Hatchery of Shadows, SciPo 2019, What the Peacock Replied,
Dempsey& Windle 2019.