Kate Hurd

Life is like an ocean

Life is like an ocean, vast and deep,
And from the ocean, waves emerge,
Each one unique and different from the last.

Some are soft and gentle,
Like those lapping at the shore on a calm day.

Others emerge with a force so powerful yet destructive,
With no thought for others as they run their course.

Then there are the beautiful waves,
The ones that surfers long to ride.
Those that create beauty,
Are strong and powerful yet cause no damage, because their path is true.

What every wave has in common is that, once their course is run, all will eventually return to the

Dad’s life was like a wave, powerful yet gentle,
Helping raise others up and enhancing their lives with its beauty.

I was privileged to be there when he took his final breath,
Surrounded by those he loved the most,
His hand being held by the love of his life,
In his words, his muse.

And I realised at that moment,
In his life, something beautiful had been expressed,
But, like a wave returning to the ocean,
In his death, nothing has been lost…..

On Saturday, Kate walked twice round Torbay, Hope’s Nose to Berry Head and back. She covered 37.26 miles, climbed the equivalent of 3,694ft, in 8.28.07 hrs. She also raised over £2,000 pounds for the heart unit at Torbay Hospital which looked after her dad.

The above is her poem for her dad
which she read at his funeral.

Thank you Kate, from all the family.