Kathleen Roberts

Remote Control

Ads for Aldi
flash across the screen,
appeal to our pockets
between the recollections
of a good woman
whose work with the street
children of Colombia
puts my small sorrows
to shame.

Images of
cut-price chickens,
pulled pork,
bubbling pizza,
sparkling wine
vie with old-eyed children,
weeping women, drug barons,
crack addicts and talking dogs
selling insurance.

On the News
refugees flee
war-torn, blitzed
cities, sink or swim
to dubious safety
and razor wire fences
as we watch, remotely,
from our armchairs
and wait for the X-Factor.

Kathleen Roberts has written poetry since she first learned to write. An English/American
graduate, her career path took her from pre-
release work in an adult women’s prison establish-ment to becoming a psychotherapist. The
insights she gained have influenced much of her work. She is a passionate believer in the power of the written word to heal and communicate, especially poetry and its ability to touch and unite others, to speak for those who cannot express their own feelings but who share those of the poet.