Keith McFarlane

Seeing in the Dark

In darkness there is light. Not day,
nor moon nor starlight but light
that has no worldly correlate,
not real yet sensed where photons swim
in nervous rivers, climb ladders,
ford synapses. A dream that streaming
upwards wakes as story, a journey
told by earth to heaven, a bridge
that spans impossibility.

To see is but to dream, to dream
to see where world’s imagined,
a shadow play performed in darkness,
a pattern formed, and cast, by inner
light. Thus optic chord’s perception.
Its sense is active, its function dual,
each image birthed by two worlds,
real, imagined, where world’s foretold
and past remembered, where dream
and mirror merge in understanding.

The world’s a thing both seen and made
by us, and in that world I am,
we are, as real as matter, as blood,
as brain, exploding galaxies;
and, at its heart, in us, our consciousness.
And in ourselves imagination,
whose story gifts the world its meaning.

Keith MacFarlane is a Scot who grew up in Dunblane, Perthshire. He hold a doctorate in Physics and lives and works in Amsterdam.

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