Ken Taylor

New Beginnings

She was at a crossroad.
He was driving in unfamiliar territory.
Their eyes met
Brown and blue, blue and brown.

The moment passed in an instant.
He was still driving, but had met a guide,
She was still sitting, yet no longer alone.

Distance grew, yet time stood still.
Time passed, yet no distance grew.
Earth and sky, sky and earth.

She was in unfamiliar territory.
He was at a crossroads ..

When Ken Taylor was ten years old he
had a teacher with a love of stories and
verse whose enthusiasm was infectious:
she submitted one of his very first poems
to a BBC radio programme, where it was
read out for its descriptive portrayal of
nature. Some four decades later, detailed
observation and special experiences remain
the warp and weft into which he
embroiders his playful love of words.