Kim Waters

New Year’s Resolutions

Absence is asterisked.
The tinsel still bristles
and the crumbs of last week’s
Christmas pudding lie under

the microwave. Never trust
a horoscope and remember:
every new year holds
your hopes to ransom.

Fireworks set their beatbox
booming across the city,
a mass-populace CPR on a year
that doesn’t need resuscitation.

It’s a night for abstract nouns
to be tossed around
and wayward kisses
to be thrown off scent.

But right now, it’s hard to see
beyond the windscreen wiper
sparklers that flare and burn
across a stranger sky.

Kim Waters lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has a Master of Arts in creative writing and is currently studying for an Advanced Diploma of Visual  Art. Her poems have appeared in The Australian, Going Down Swinging On-line, The Shanghai Literary Review, Wells Street Journal, Marble Poetry and La Piccioletta Barca.