Laura Kate

When Tides Collide

When we touch
it’s not just the sensation
of your skin on mine
it’s as if two separate
worlds are fusing together
the tides of their seas
colliding in a fierce but spectacular encounter
in which both seas rise together
one another high into the midnight sky
every last piece of themselves to each other
and the fragments which no longer seem important
fall apart and fade away.

Our fragile souls remaining
we dance together amongst
the stars
merging under the caress of the moon’s light.

Falling gently back down
to the dormant currents beneath us
we no longer remember
nor do we care
which parts
of our waters belonged to you
and which of them were mine.

I am originally from Manchester and now live in Herefordshire. I read French and Film Studies at The University of Manchester, wanting to pursue both my love of languages and of the arts. I am a trained teacher and recently returned from India in the foothills of the Himalayas where I volunteered teaching French, English and Drama at a charity-run school. I combine my interests in astrology, the universe and nature in my writing, and explore how their symbolisms connect. My poems centre around relationships, mental health, identity, and my vivid dreams which I enjoy interpreting. When I’m not reading or writing, you can find me in the yoga studio.