Leah Fritz

For H, on our 61st Anniversary

Beauty goes a-wandering. Mine has.
I scarcely walk. Need implements –
we said cane for stick back there, then;
where we were more ourselves perhaps –
we’ve been here 30 years, no holiday
(vacation was what we used to say) I touch
you in the night and then I’m almost home
and you – what do you think? a telephone
is next to you – speak – whatever you must
think, say – we think alike, but not
as one – I never know for sure – sometimes
I lose, sometimes it’s you, that mind of us
together, there, here, what have we got,
found, lost, two mice, tailless, blind


Leah Fritz’s poetry constantly reminds its readers of the important problems of life – poverty, hatred, war – but also love, respect, how ordinary, everyday things can be invested with a life-enhancing sensibility. Her diction is plain, her style taut, yet there is space within her poems for the reader to move around and explore which leaves a feeling in the heart rather than an image in the reason. Leah Fritz’s poetry always seems to celebrate life.