Lucy Calder


No abyss, no chaos, no gods,
no time, no space,
no dark sea, no cause,

no purpose, no reason,
not even an intention,
no explanation.

Flicker of pure existence, infinitely
compressed. Manic expansion
in a fraction of a second.

Radiation dominates matter.
Gradual expansion and cooling.
Matter dominates radiation.

Formation of hydrogen:
space becomes transparent.
Gravity clumps mass together.

Stars, galaxies, clusters
of galaxies, halos of dark
matter. Heavy elements fused

in exploding stars. Planets.
Dark energy dominates
matter and radiation,

space expands at an accelerating rate.
Chemistry, biology, evolution
on unacquainted planets.

Homo sapiens sapiens
dominate Earth.
War, destruction, annihilation.

Merger of galaxies.
Death of stars. Matter
increasingly separated by


Lucy Calder is currently studying for an
MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa
University, focusing on poetry. She is
interested in both science and art and has
an MSc in Astrophysics and an MRes in
Anthropology. She has published two articles
about dark energy
 in Astronomy and
Geophysics magazine and 
in Physics World.