Lynda Plater

Venus in the Humber
(1st February 2017)

Her liquid eye
has risen bright
in oiled water.

At high tide
she parts with pass,
re-pass of tugs
and tankers breaking
her light into braids
as in Titian’s
‘Venus Anadyomene’
where she wrings
her hair with her hands.
Droplets of light
washing shore.

Low water draws
her patterned sky
again in Humber.
Now Mars reflects
as amulet at her neck
and moon, in crescent,
is supine, sails with her,
becomes the shell
which raised her.

Lynda Plater lives in Lincolnshire. She returned here in the 1990s after a decade of living in Galloway. This return to home influences her writing as do the travels with her husband overland to India and cycling to Morocco in the 80’s.
She has been writing poetry for 40 years and has had work published in Acumen, Stand, Verse and Rialto among others. Three Seasons for Burning is her first collection and is a mixture of old and new work.
She is currently working on a theme of rural life on the Lincolnshire marsh.